I've got a little problem with my TS3 Server, especially with the updating process. The easiest way to solve all my problems would be to install a brand new TS3 Server on the same machine. Normally this would mean that i deinstall the current serversoftware and just install the new. But this would mean losing all my channel, channels descriptions etc. And it would take some time creating all channels, all server and channel groups, etc. And the 3 virtual server which i am runing atm would not work effectivly for a week or more.

So my idea is to install a new TS3 server software on the same machine (of course into a differention folder), creating again 3 virtual server with completly different ports than the current ones. If this would be possible i could spend any time i want on adjusting this new 3 virtual servers (without any need to hurry, and no distraction by guys asking when their personal channel is restored and blablabla), and as soon as everything is finished i would turn of the current ones and basically just replace the current broken version with a working one.

Is this possible?
Can I use the same license file, temporarily for two different installations on the same machine?
Will the two serversoftwares running at the same time interfere with each other?
Will the deinstallation process of the current serversoftware break the future serversoftware?

Another complelty different solution to my problem would be, if i could change the ts3server.sqlitedb from restoring the channel AND permission settings to ONLY RESTORE THE CHANNELS (description).
Is this possible?
What would happen if i just delete all informations regarding the permissions in the ts3server.sqlitedb....could I integrate a ts3server.sqlitedb containing only channel settings into a ts3server.sqlitedb containing no channels but all permission settings?

I hope you can help me with that. Thank in advance,