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    Solved Missing Flag Icons and Wrong IP Trace Location Information

    Sorry about the Mouthful thread title.

    Anyway, after the last update, I noticed something strange, for those server who update their IP Databases frequently, the United Kingdom flag is not using the uk.png icon, but is using the gb.png icon, which was added after the last update, giving this result.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	phjnVUD.png 
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    Obviously, as you know, the hover title should be "United Kingdom", or "Great Britain", in this case as it's using the Great Britain flag icon.

    Also, I know of quite a few missing flag icons in the gfx folder, which should be there, as I run into clients in TeamSpeak from those places quite a bit. Some aren't imbedded into the client as of yet, but the icons could easily be there for the future.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	iLMau19.jpg 
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    They include some icons that fit better among the design of the other flag icons. I made them myself.

    Here is the download, for the developers who are interested in looking into this. The free license is included, so they can be used legally.

    Thanks for your time!

    Regards, MoonShine

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    gb.png and uk.png are actually both the exact same, so it doesn't matter which one is used.
    As for the wrong hovertext we will look into it and fix it.

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    Yeah, I just meant it's specifically using the gb.png icon so when you hover, it doesn't know what to say, as there is no Country input for that icon. That's just what I'm guessing, not entirely sure how it's done.

    Thanks a lot!

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    The missing text for the gb flag will be fixed with the next client release.

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