Okay, so I think my problem is especially rare and have not found any help whatsoever.

When I am connected to the WiFi Teamspeak connects fine and is all good.. But the WiFI connection i'm using is unstable and is not a reliable source of internet at all. Instead I use an ethernet cable to connect to the internet and with this I am fast, reliable internet 100% of the time.

So yes, I want to use the ethernet connection, but as soon as am connected this way, Teamspeak will not connect to any server and just says "Failed to connect..." This is also the case with other voice communication servers like Ventrilo (fine with wifi, doesnt connect with cable internet)..

I really need this problem sorted and so I am seeking someone who has significant knowledge of how macs work, how teamspeak works and how internet connection works. My wee brain doesnt know a lot about computers but I have some idea that there is some firewall or something blocking the connection to external servers or whatever.

If anyone can help me out it'd be greatly appreciated...

TL;DR: I want to be able to connect to teamspeak servers via ethernet cable network connection.