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    Question about JAIL

    I just create a Jail Channel But when punished people they log out and come back they are on other channel how can i fix that?
    I put my second computer in the jail as a boring juke box so how can i make other client unable to mute it
    Thanks for help !

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    Muting is a client side effect, so you cannot prevent it. You cannot control what channel someone enters on an individual basis. All you could do is assign a group to them which would make them stuck in place in the channel they connect to and restrict their ability to join any other channels using join power etc.

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    What is the permission to make a group joining a specific server when they log on?

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    there is no such permission.

    You have to use a bot to throw people to Jail, or, set up permission "is sticky" and lock them in the default channel and not able to change to any channel

    (Of course, you might also configure so that the person being locked by the jail permission, will not have any ability to text, whisper, poke, talk, etc)

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