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    3.0.7 and version of server !!!Can't edit the description

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    Thread title totally nonsense for the content!

    Hello Dear Developers !

    That bug was found by me when i try edited the description of the channel, that bug is critical because after apply the description code, it make dropped the client from the server only that person who edited the channel, was tried again on few servers and i can reproduced that bug with version 3.0.7 and check out:

    Bug Description ( dropped client )
    please make sure you create channel permanent with description which i will give you the code:

    Code: - there is description of the channel please copy and paste !!!
    Update the issue:
    only appear when i create the new channel with that description and when i try edited on the permanent channel

    then wait 5 second and your client will be dropped because you didn't hear the sound of edited channel and your database will be no acceptable the code description but the server will be online !

    Please reproduce it and fix it immediately !
    Last edited by dante696; March 11th, 2013 at 07:15 AM. Reason: probably bug appear only with Polish Windows 7 64 bits.

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