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    pti_yoda Guest

    Server Crash create new server with mysql

    I have a problem with my teamspeak server.

    Firstly, I run this server on windows and linux (debian 32bits) for make a lot of test with mysql DB.
    On windows i have 4 Go ram, dual core 2.5Ghz AMD. On linux i have 384mo ram and 1.3Ghz intel.
    I haven't pic of ram/process, systems are stable.

    So my problem is: when i create a new server, others servers crash during a short time(~7s), and on mysql (graphics on phpmyadmin)
    shows lot of requests (100/s). This problem is EXACTLY similar on windows and linux.

    I tryed to optimise mysql, but not work.

    So can you help me?
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