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    becoming an admin AGAIN. LOST MY PRIVILEGE KEY

    the only thing i have is ssh root access
    and i lost my privilege key.
    how to become an admin again?

    and i lost my server admin password and login lol

    okay i get my admin rights back but only with new privilege key. how can i login with my serveradmin query? last time i have a red shield and the server telling me that iam a server query admin. now the server admin only

    lol i just lost my control again. playing with server groups dialog.
    just tried to push server admin box and lol i just lost my admin rights... WTF???????
    trying to cr8 new privilege key with telnet and getting this
    error id=0 msg=ok
    tokenadd tokentype=0 tokenid1=6 tokenid2=0
    error id=1024 msg=invalid\sserverID
    jesus. what the fuck with teamspeak now.... how to fix that shit and get an ADMIN RIGHTS FOREVER.....
    omg this server groups dialog is fucking shit.... at least for admins... you can lost control pushing that box omg
    goddamit. fixed with "use 1" in server query
    but i just want to know how to become an admin forever?
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    All you have to do is to click Settings -> Identities in the client, then select your identity you use on the server and hit the export button, choose a location and save it. Now all you need is that file you just saved, copy it on a USB Stick or burn it to CD w/e... As long as you have that file you will have whatever permissions you have on every server.
    Now this won't prevent you from having your admin taken away from yourself (either by yourself or someone else), but if you take it away from yourself there is a huge warning box that warns about that!

    You could just set the i_group_member_remove_power of the admin group to less than needed (e.g. 70), that will prevent anyone from removing someone else from the server admin group.

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