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    One User Unable to Log onto my Newly Established Server

    Heya folks, you'll have to bare with me I know some basics around hosting a server but I'm mostly new to this.
    So....Created a new server, set myself up as server admin. Forwarded the needed ports on my Router, sorted channels etc. 8/9 of my friends logged in just fine, which was fantastic but however one friend is unable to connect and simply gets "Error" when trying to connect.

    I've read through several different posts which suggest I may need to alter my Server.ini file and alter/add BoundToIp1=(My server I.P)
    At first I was aunable to find a Server.ini file so I changed my command line on the shortcut to create one, then I changed the command line again to tell it to use the new ini file.

    So I opened up my Ini file to add/alter the line BoundToIp1=(My Server I.P).

    This is the test I get on the Ini File.


    So my question to everyone is....will adding this line fix the issue for my friend to allow her to connect and if so, do i simply add this line into the text within the Ini file on it's own line?
    If anyone has any advise to why she might not be able to connect I would very much appreciate it!

    Thanks in advance!

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    doing that won't fix anything.
    Either your firewall is blocking his connection, limiting traffic in general or he is having problems on his end.

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    Sorry for the delay but thanks for the response. Is there anything I can do then because she is able to connect to other peoples TS servers but not mine but yet 8 other people have absolutely no issues connecting to my server. Is the problem her end and if not how do i fix this?


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    It might be her end, but it might also be the server firewall explicitly blocking that one person or their specific provider / ip range.

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    (I assume you both use windows)

    Make sure your router accepts ICMP packets (easiest way to know is to let one of your friends who CAN connect to ts, ping its IP and check if it goes through) and make her ping your TS3 server IP.

    - If it gets trough, then connection is working between you two. Next step is to make sure both of you doesn't block necessary ports. If you are sure they are OK, check if there is something useful information at TS serverlog.
    - If it is NOT getting trough, start by looking up both firewalls and create manually rule to allow connection. Problem can be also with routing issues with ISPs and they can be checked with tracing route.

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