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    Temporary passwords not saved on exit

    I have members of my server who are making use of the temporary password feature. They have set their passwords for 999 days so that their members can get to the right place easily. The problem is that when the server is either stopped or crashes all the passwords are lost regardless of the expiry date. I woke up this morning to 4 emails from people after the maintenance after the server came back up and their passwords were all gone.

    I have done my own tests on a new server on my computer and its any time the server is stopped all passwords are lots. Please fix this soon because this is a great feature my members have been hounding me for since our server is very large and would mean they can instantly get their old and new members to the right channel form the start.

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    This is available in latest server 3.8.0

    Temporary passwords are - as the name suggests - temporary and as such are gone whenever the server is shut down.
    This is desired behavior and will not be changed.
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    Arrow TS3 Server Temporary Password lost after reboot.


    First Good job for this new version x86, and the beta Android (it work very well..)
    My server is 2K3R2 STD x86 with P4 2Gb DDR400.(no problem it work perfectly.)

    My problem when i add a temporary password ex Password, it expire on 70 days.
    I restart my server every Wednesday (TS3 Backup + Windows Update) and my temporary is lost.

    Only Administrator are authorised, after this i recreate the actualy temporary password but is not a good solution...(if i change needed mail to users... it's bad..)

    I use 2 temporary password for 2 users groups ...

    Any idea to fix a temporary password in database ?

    Guillaume, From France.

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    Quote Originally Posted by billou81 View Post
    My problem when i add a temporary password ex Password, it expire on 70 days.
    I restart my server every Wednesday (TS3 Backup + Windows Update) and my temporary is lost.

    Any idea to fix a temporary password in database ?
    I'm affraid there is not "fix" for it:

    Why don't use the server password instead?. The difference are the password is the same for all the groups and users must configure themselves the accesss channel in their bookmarks; but this password doesn't expire and is not lost and is "temporary" if you change it.

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    I thought I mentioned something here but couldn't find a thread on it, maybe it was another forum where I mentioned it.

    When you make a temporary ban for 999 days and then reboot the server, the temporary ban is still there, obviously, since it was set for 999 days to exist for. The problem is when you create a temporary server password for 999 days and the server gets rebooted all the temporary passwords are forgotten even though just like the temporary ban system you manually set 999 days for it to exist and yet it doesn't keep it active like the temp ban system does.

    This clearly is a bug and needs fixing. Maybe not a "bug" but an oversight in the functionality. Like the temp ban system shows us, temporary, with an expiry date, means something should last until that date regardless of if the server reboots.

    I did make a post in the bug section about this but the thread was closed since I guess "technically" they don't consider it a bug. So I guess the only place it belongs is in the suggestion and feedback area. I welcome feedback, myself, on this suggestion.

    Just like the temporary server ban system remembers bans that you have set an expiry date on, even after the server reboots, I think that the temporary server password feature should also remember passwords that have had an expiry date set. I mean, to my mind it is the exact same thing. Both are temporary entries, both have a time limit set for them to exist for yet the password entries are lost upon a server reboot.

    So given that the temporary password system appears to be functioning as originally intended, do you think my suggestion would enhance teamspeak 3 further?

    Just figured I would put this in the correct place on the forum this time.
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    Question Allow temporary password to persist through server reboot


    I'm using the temporary passwords to automatically switch users with different passwords when the login within different channels.
    It allow me to make multiple "guild" passwords and make easier to find the right channel for the right people.
    (In case of problems, I don't have to ban each members of a guild, I revoke their password)

    But temporary passwords simply vanish after a server restart/reboot.

    These passwords can be valid for 1 minutes to 999 day.
    For short periods of time it could have sense to throw them away after a restart of the server.
    But for longer periods it might not be so kind.

    In this kind of usage, an unlimited time period could be good enough .... if stored in the database and reloaded at each restart.



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    Good luck with this. I operate a large 400 slot server and have had complaints about people losing their temporary server passwords when the server gets rebooted or upgraded. I have made a request at least once here stating the comparison that the temporary server ban system remembers the bans after a reboot, so why are temporary server passwords lost after a reboot?!

    I have had more complaints about this one thing than anything else.

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