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    Expired license key


    I have provided free VOIP service to my IRL and internet friends since something 2006 (started with ventrilo 2.1 and ts2 with my 8/1 home connection).

    I have license key that expired in late january. This wasn't problem since some people decided to use Mumble instead. Now I need that extra slots. I would like to get new license. Problem is my email address.

    Is there any way to renew my license to get around that new email address requirement? I have been using my gmail for 7 years now and same email address is attached to that old licensekey. GMail is my primare email and I don't have any others. I cannot buy email address from provider since I have bought my .fi domain straight from finnish communications regulatory authority (AKA ficora, which doesn't provide even DNS service). Also creating own email servers and webinterface for just ts3 license is overkill (and consumes unnecessary resources).

    Also my address, website URL and phonenumber has been changed from old license.

    Is there any way?

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    The requirements to renew an expired license are the same as for requesting a new license.

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    Than I'll setup email to one of my servers. Thank you for your answer.

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