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    voice activation not working please help

    Sorry if this has been posted about before i'm new here .

    Since I reformatted my pc I can't get voice activation to work , I've set it up using the wizard and done the test and everything is fine and using ptt also works but no matter what I do I can't get VA to work .

    thanks in advance for any/all help

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    so ... Push to talk works?

    As in, while pushing to talk you were able to hear your own voice? (seeing volume bar moving left and right)

    If you can hear your own voice, while not changing any other settings, you try to test in VA, and it doesn't work?

    First of all, did you see volume bar moving left and right? If you do, try adjust the center sensitivity bar left until you can hear your own voice

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    If voice activation works during the test but not when you are connected make sure that you applied the changes in the options page and then when connected check self -> capture profile and make sure the profile is checked.

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