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    New TS 3.0.7 server on windows 2008 randomly crashes

    I installed a new Teamspeak 3.0.7 server on a fresh install of windows server 2008 yesterday. We had no issues until about 4AM last night when the server went down. The logs had no information about the server terminating.

    This morning, I installed the service wrapper to automatically restart the server if it dies. Since then the process has terminated without warning and restarted about 10 times.

    I tried changing from the 64-bit version of the server to 32-bit, but it did not help. Additionally, I tried changing the audio codec of all my channels from opus to Speex Ultra-Wideband. This also did not help.

    The logs show nothing but the service starting and standard permissions changes for users. Can anyone give me some direction on how I could go about debugging this issue? Does anyone have any ideas what could be causing it?

    Thank you for your time!

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    I believe I have them same problem, the server just stops randomly, around once every 24 hours.

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    Please post the _0.log file from a session where this happens.

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