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    New group not inheriting Guest group

    What I'm trying to do is make several extra groups for the sole purpose of giving users icons. I add a new server group and only add the icon, but users who are assigned to that group do not have permission to do anything, just as if the unset permissions were set and unchecked/set at 75. Is what I'm trying even possible?
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    Adding a server/channel group removes the default server/channel group.

    You already explained it ->
    "You only added an icon to the group but no other permissions". So you have a group wioth an icon but no other permissions.
    You missed to add the permissions from your default server group into your new group.

    For your current broken groups:
    1. Make a copy of your default group and set your broken group as a target
    2. Add the icon to the new group

    For your next groups:
    1. Make a copy of your default group
    2. Rename that new group
    3. Add the icon to the new group
    4. Assign it to users.
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    That makes a lot of sense. I guess I really should use the Guest group as a Guest group. Thank you.

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