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    Wrong version in update ini/exe for latest update?


    Whenever I try to update my TS3 to the latest version, the dialog box during the update.exe operation says that the mirror websites are not found. In each case, it appears to be looking for version 1321432557. Looking at the various mirror sites, this version file does not exist. How can I ensure the update.exe looks for the correct file?

    (Have tried changing the mirror.ini information but it keeps inserting the wrong version number during the update.exe process)

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    just delete the update.ini file.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Chris View Post
    just delete the update.ini file.
    Tried this first off - doesn't work. It still then inserts the wrong version number when you look at the details in the update.exe dialog box...

    Starting update process
    Download / check product ini
    Downloading client_win64.ini returned 302 returned 404 returned 404 returned 404 returned 404

    Hover over links to see the version number.

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    It might be that the client was just too old and the updater can't update from that long ago.
    You can just download the latest version from the downloads page and use the setup to update to the latest client, simply install into the same directory as before using the same settings as before.

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