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    Lags during connection to any server

    When I connect to any server ts3 stopps for about 4-5 minutes i even can't go to the settings.

    <18:47:41> Trying to resolve hostname
    <18:47:42> Trying to connect to server on
    <18:47:42> Connected to Server: The RED-JUSTICE
    <18:47:42> Приветствуем вас на канале клана The RED-Justice.
    <18:51:54> "CMeRTHuK" appears, was moved from channel "Взвод 4" by "Ice_shot_"
    <18:51:54> Channel group "Guest" was assigned to "CMeRTHuK" by The RED-JUSTICE.
    <18:51:54> "Ice_shot_" left heading to channel "Взвод 1"

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    please post a full client log of this incident. You can find the client logs in %AppData%\TS3Client\logs

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