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    Forcing TS to use TCP ports

    Hello everyone,

    My computer is behind the university network, and in this network all UDP ports are blocked two ways.

    But, spesific TCP ports are open for some situations, unfourtunately, i could'not make teamspeak server&client to use these ports because, TS uses UDP port as default - as far as i know-.

    It is very annoying that teamspeak like programs (like teamviewer) works perfectly because they make TCP connections.

    So, Is there any way to make ts server/client to use TCP ports insted UDP's or anyone has a solution to solve this problem because, i'm not able to use ts while at university (or networks which blocks UDP's) ?

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    TCP doesn't work well for real time voice communication.
    As such TS uses UDP and you cannot switch it to TCP.

    You will need to contact your universities network admin to open the UDP port you need to use TeamSpeak.

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