This is the set up I have:

Inside LAN-
Desktop Computer running windows 7
Android phone using open beta (downloaded through QR code on teamspeak)
another Android phone using the same open beta

Then two or three people Outside my LAN that i'd like to connect-
non local PC
non local PC
non local Android user (with beta)

The ports are forwarded correctly and people outside my LAN can join the server. The server is set up properly so that my mobile users can connect as well.

The problem that I am having is that when one of the android users from inside my LAN connects to the server, it seems to lock out anyone from outside my LAN from connecting (users outside the LAN are kicked and unable to rejoin until the Local users have disconnected for a period of time), after the local traffic has disconnected for a period of time, non local users will be able to join again. It seems as though, I can't have local clients connected at the same time as non local clients

I would like for the local android users to be connected to my server along side the non local users, so that we can all speak to one another without my wife and I having to be in the server room. How could I solve this?