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    from 32 bits to 64 bits

    Hi, i have Download the server version 32bits and want to upgrade to 64 bits but i want to bring over the setting(admin setting, channel).
    If that was possible how?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Stop the server
    download the 64bit server
    copy the following files and directories from your 32bit installation to the 64bit one:
    • files/
    • ts3server.sqlitedb
    • *.ini
    • licensekey.dat
    • query_ip*.txt

    Start the 64 bit TeamSpeak server.

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    @ chris:
    I have 2 questions:

    1) where can i find *.ini (what is the full name of the file?), licensekey.dat

    2) Example: My server run and newer version come out, how do i update it without losing my server setting?

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    here and there..
    download the new version
    stop the server
    copy all new server files into the old directorie.

    The server settings are saved in ts3server.sqlitedb.
    These file create the server itselfe also it dosn't exist in the server files you are loaded.

    I think mit "*.ini" mean Chris all files in the default ts3 server directorie ^^

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    1) These files may not exist, if they don't then everything is fine and you don't need them.
    2) Download the new server, stop the running server, extract new server into server folder replacing any files it wants to, start server.

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