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    Voice Activation Detection

    In my plugin the user may use VAD as configured in The TS3 Client options dialog. Nevertheless, in a specific situation I have to use a soft PTT triggered by the message WM_LBUTTONDOWN. As suggested in the documentation I disable VAD when the situation appears with:
    ts3Functions.setPreProcessorConfigValue(ServerID," vad","false");

    then, when WM_LBUTTONDOWN arrives:
    ts3Functions.setClientSelfVariableAsInt(ServerID, CLIENT_INPUT_DEACTIVATED,INPUT_ACTIVE);

    ts3Functions.setClientSelfVariableAsInt(ServerID, CLIENT_INPUT_DEACTIVATED, INPUT_DEACTIVATED);

    When the special situation ends, I activate VAD again with:
    ts3Functions.setPreProcessorConfigValue(ServerID," vad","true");

    The soft PTT works fine, but the error is, that VAD does not work anymore. The blue LED in the client window is not illuminated if I talk into the MIC. I have to restart the client to activate the VAD again. Is this a known bug or am I wrong with my logic?

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    You set INPUT_DEACTIVATED when you released the button, since it is still disabled VAD won't work. You need to set it to active when you enable VAD again.

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