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    Sound Pack - Other User Away Status Events

    For those of us using soundpacks, I think it would be helpful to have events that announced other users' away status. Right now, the away feature isn't really helpful without looking at the TS window itself. Most useful to me would be hearing when someone returned, so I don't have to keep checking the window. So something like:

    OTHER_STATUS_SET_AWAY = say("${clientname} went away")
    OTHER_STATUS_SET_PRESENT = say("${clientname} returned")

    Knowing code, but not TS specifically, it seems like this would be a fairly easy addition for a rather useful feature.
    Thanks for your consideration.

    (Sorry if already suggested, searched for a while and didn't find anything)

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    This is not really something that is important enough to be announced for other clients. A plugin could possibly do this if you really need / want it to.

    This will not be included.

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