This is a slightly complicated issue, so I'll do my best to be clear.

Whenever i load up TS, all of my other sound is 'muted'. However, in my computer's sound playback menu, i can still see it being sent to my 'speakers/headphones' through the green indicator. The TS sound, however, is being sent through the 'communications headphones', and i can hear that fine. If i unplug and replug my headphone jack, TS becomes 'muted' (but still sent through communications headphones, i just cant hear it), but all my other sounds resume.

I run Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit. All my drivers are up to date. Under communications, i have 'do nothing' enabled so it isnt TS taking over my sound. I have tried, in the TS options, to have the TS audio sent through my 'speakers/headphones', but that does not work. If i disable 'communications headphones', the TS audio still does not work. both 'speakers/headphones' and 'communications headphones' are IDT High Definition Audio Codec. I have disabled exclusive control for both devices. This occurs even if i select the specific device in TS options, as opposed to default.

I am running TS 3.0.10

I also use Skype, and this issue does not occur there.

Please, i would like to get this resolved as soon as possible.