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    How to regain full powers.

    Hi all.

    TeamSpeak Client:
    3.0.10 (27-2-2013 16:08:47)

    TeamSpeak Server: (29.06.2012 09:59:05)
    I would like to know how to regain full powers on editing/creating or even viewing permissions, I host a TeamSpeak 3 server and I am the administrator.

    There are tons of videos and lots of websites with tutorials that bring me to the Server Groups menu and from there the tutorial can't be followed anymore. I cannot do anything with editing the permissions and cannot even see them.

    For questions such as "How to prevent pokes from guests" I see texts that contain "just do bla and bla" and aggravating things such as "simply edit permissions lol? \(_o)/" while that makes absolutely no sense to me whatsoever since I don't see anything that closely resembles the tutorial after the first two steps.

    The first two steps are always: Click on: Permissions -> Server Groups.

    When I do those two steps, I get this:
    The background one is a blow-up of a youtube-video, showing a tutorial with the results of the first two steps

    It somewhat looks like it, but look closer, that is simply not the permissions view.

    So the bottom line is, how do I receive the same results as all those tutorials I see?
    Note: I have the original super administrator account, nothing was ever edited to any permissions or to any other, due to my problem.

    It must be something simple (._. ) something I'm overlooking... right?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Yezpahr View Post
    It must be something simple (._. ) something I'm overlooking... right?
    Ok. Maybe it's as simple as to select the advanced permission system:
    Settings ---> Options --> Application --> "Misc" section --> Activate "Advanced permission system" --> Button "Accept"

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    Thank you for your help and super fast response.

    That fixed my problem in a second or two. Topic can be closed, or whatever the policy.

    See, it was something simple after all.
    All those aggravated moments over a ticked box -_-

    Thanks again, you're the best.

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