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    Push-To-Talk not working

    It only works when I have the TeamSpeak window open, but when there is another window open in front, it prevents me from using the Push-To-Talk feature. I tried re-installing teamspeak, but it did the same thing. I'm not sure how to fix this. May I please have some help? Anybody else have this?

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    First sorry for my bad english
    i have exactly the same problem like you,i was try a lot of different seting in options but i can`t fix it.
    Please if somebody can help!

    edit:i think i solve the problem now it works
    it seams that must be installed on the disk where you have your Windows and that it.
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    Hi there,
    well i have again this problem with push to talk,its on W10 64bit,installed on C:
    so when i have another program active on desktop(game) doesent work,
    but if i click on taskbar then it normally work.
    Aprreciate any help,

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