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    NPL - Renew/Update information

    I have noticed that the rules for NPL have changed and that you are required to have a email account with the same domain as your website. I have this however on my current license i do not. I do not know if i should re-apply for another license or what?

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    As long as your current license works, you should be fine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chris View Post
    As long as your current license works, you should be fine.
    so i have the same issue, i mean, i have one of the first license, i think its back from 2009 or so, in the last year i have my license renewed just fine. one thing has change tho, usually it was renewed for another year, this last time it gave me only 6 months, so do i need to re-apply?

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    Not necessarily, I think they're cutting everyone down to six monthly renewals

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