We are happy to announce the immediate availability of the bugfix release

Full changelog:
=== Client Release 04 Apr 2013
+ Fixed gatekeeper signature error starting the 3.0.10 client on Mac OS X
* Updater will in addition to renaming updated DLLs and exe also move them
  to a folder "old" to avoid Qt loading the old plugin DLLs.
* Export missing requestClientEditDescription to Lua
+ Added some context menu entries into whisper history
- Stereo recording in DirectSound works properly now
- Recording from sources with more than 2 channels should downmix properly to 
  2 channels now (in stead of just using the first 2 channels)
- Adjusted default position of windows when opened for the first time when the
  position has not yet been stored.
- Added more default languages to the Mac OS X app bundle affecting the Mac
  menu, which is independant from Qt translation files. All language folders
  are now ignored by gatekeeper, so they can be safely manually added.
- Fixed Upload button of IconView dialog on Mac OS X
- Removed warning spam message on Mac OS X when connecting to a TSDNS server.
- Fixed tooltip for United Kingdom
- Fixed possible crash in Add-Hotkey dialog
- Fixed crash when right-clicking on the background area of notification
- Do not replace "-" with "−" in hostmessage dialog.
- Adjusted package installer to work properly if plugins do not follow the
  recommended name scheme of _win32.dll and _win64.dll
- Fixed possible crash when deleting profiles.
- Fixed encoding when invitation contains channel password with spaces.