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    Image Cache Refresh?

    I am a new user to Teamspeak in general and after setting up a server one of the first things i noticed is that images seemingly never refresh on the client side. If an image on a channel description still maintains the same link it will never send a checksum or the similar to the client to make sure it is still the same image. So if an image is replaced web server side with the same name it will never update to the clients. This seems to be the case no matter how many long a TS client is online on a server, restarted, or even a computer restart (which would obviously have no effect anyway).

    Understandably, one of the reasons there may not be a forced recheck often is for bandwidth issues. But is there a way for a file size check to confirm if a file is the same or not without using much bandwidth an option?

    Anyway, though there are a lot of features that TS offers over other choices in the voice chatting market i would like to add that i found this to be an issue on my first day hosting with TS. I also found if i link to a image that does not exist yet and create it later, it will also never load the image at all and claim the image is broken.

    I did try a search for this issue before posting, i found a few users hinting at this subject but not under a topic directly for that subject so i created a new thread.

    As far as what i would like to see for functionality of this feature is that images can refresh or run a check to the urls linked every so often (time set by server host) and/or rechecked by the client each time a user logs in. This should not be too intensive at all especially since there are already seemingly built in precautions with users rapid logging on and off servers.

    I wrote this at work and was rushed so i apologize for any specification or literacy errors.

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    Images in descriptions are only refreshed if they do not exist in the local cache. The same filename is considered enough proof that it is in fact the same file. So the only way to force clients in displaying the new image is to either change the link in the description, or force everyone to clear their cache in the client.
    You can even keep the file the same on the server and keep replacing it, then in the channel description change filename.jpg[/img] to filename.jpg?1[/img] the client will think it's another image but the server should still serve the correct image (at least if PHP is installed in default config). Just increase the number each time the image changed on the server.

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