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    Mic keying up when not pressing push-to-talk button?

    I use the right-ctrl key as my push-to-talk button.

    The problem is, sometimes while I'm connected to teamspeak and playing a pc game, people in the channel tell me my mic is keying up for a brief second when I am not pressing my push to talk button.

    Usually i am pressing either the w-a-s-d keys along with arrow keys when my mic mysteriously activates for an instant.

    Anybody have a similar experience or a fix?


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    Anybody ?

    Someone has to have noticed this happening....

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    The only situation where this could happen is when you use shortcuts / key combinations that involve the PTT key. Whenever you press the key that is assigned to an action in TeamSpeak, regardless of other keys pressed at the same time, that action will be executed.
    So when you have Ctrl as PTT key and hit use Ctrl+C to copy something, it will trigger PTT.

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    I only use the left control button when I'm on teamspeak (right ctrl is my ONLY set PTT key) - and my mic doesnt key up when I press the left ctrl or a combo of that. Some kind of weird key combo involving w-a-s-d and the arrow keys seems to trigger the mic for an instant. Could it have to do with pressing a certain amount of keys at the same time?? Because I have a gaming keyboard and it allows many simultaneous key presses...........

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    Having the same issue. Ever find a fix or a cause ivang?

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