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    Can receive but not transmit

    I've got a weird problem with Teamspeak on my Mac which happened suddenly. I can hear others on the server just fine, but can't transmit. The blue transmit light comes on next to my name in the TS window, but they can't hear me. They also say that in their TS windows the transmit blue light is not illuminating.

    Both my Mac's internal and usb microphones work fine with other applications such as Skype.

    I've tried reinstalling TS several times, ensuring the capture and output settings are correct, emptying the audio cache using Onyx, and checking the Midi interface utility is set to 44,000 hz - all of which have been mentioned as likely causes elsewhere. This problem just appeared one day after using TS as normal for a long time.

    I'm running OSX 6.3.

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    Maybe your packets get lost...
    Check if the local test works in settings > options > capture > begin test

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