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    Ich möchte mir gerne einen TS3 server kaufen und habe dazu ne frage.

    Wenn ich einen kaufe, ist er dann auf einen server irgendwo in europa, oder muss ich den server von meinem pc aus hosten?

    Sry wenn ich hier auf deutsch schreibe aber Englisch ist nicht so meine stärke.

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    Since this is an international support forum, please write in english only. For the other users, I will quote your post in english:
    Quote Originally Posted by -Exe- View Post

    I'd like to buy a TS3 server and I have a question.

    If I buy one, will it be located anywhere in europe or do I have to host it on my own home computer?
    That depends on what you exactly ment by "buy a server".

    If you ment renting a server from one of the authorized hosters, this depends on the hoster you are renting from. There are also many companys with servers located in germany and the rest of europe.

    If you ment to order a license for your own server hosting or trying to use it without any license, you have to set up the TeamSpeak servers on your own. Please keep in mind that you need a static IP address to apply for the most license types. The servers on which you want your TeamSpeak servers running on don't have to be on your home. They can also be on a hosting company where you are renting the server hardware or any VPS itself.

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