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    Events from one tab affecting volume of other tab. Client side problem.

    I'm on 3 servers.
    1) in channel with another user codec is Opus Voice Quality 6 sound pack TTS
    2) in channel with music bot codec is Opus Music Quality 10 sound pack TTS
    3) in a channel with varying users codec is Speex-Ultra-Wideband Quality 7 sound pack default female.

    Music bot on server 2 has custom volume in my client set to -5dB. Often with an event that causes server 3 to play a sound or someone is talking the volume of the bot on server 2 increases. I don't think it should do that. I've disabled my volume control plugin to see if it was messing with the windows volume mixer in an odd way.

    OS = Windows 7 x64 Pro
    Client = (4/4/2013 04:33:04)
    all servers =

    playback device for all tabs is my onboard Realtek sound card's speaker output. Pretty sure this system was build on the Asus P4C800-E Deluxe motherboard, been years since I've been in it.

    I recorded a sample of it for you to hear what I'm talking about: Sample
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