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    Speaking on Opus Music may produce some bad background noise

    I've been experiencing this since the version, I have a very static and loud background noise while speaking on Opus Music, this is not happening at all using old Speex or even Opus Voice. I'm going to post some audio samples later to give a more clear idea of what I mean.
    This are my mic device settings:
    • Sampling rate 44100 hz
    • Bits per sample 16

    Not all users in my TS server is experiencing this problem.
    Adjusting Recording volume and gain settings on the soundcard effects does not solve the problem, of course the background noise has a linear reduction as the recording volume goes down, but this makes my voice less noticeable as well.

    Playing stereo music, fullband, 16 bits per sample, does not produce that background noise at all.

    I'll post later my samples, I'd like to ask if anyone have noticed this background noise boost while talking in Opus Music channels.

    Note 1: Using the "Remove background noise" has no effect on this

    So I've made these .wav files to let you hear the static noise produced by Opus Music. The source has:
    • "Continuous Transmission" option enabled
    • The headset mic switch was TURNED OFF
    • No VAC used, just the soundcard recording device

    Download tests:

    (it's a plain zip file with just 3 .wav files in it)
    So as you can see, the noise background noise is barely noticeable using Speex and Opus Voice, but it's really terrible when using Opus Music, it's pretty hard to communicate with people when 1 or 2 in the same room have this problem.
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    same problem here!
    Channel with OPUS Music have this problem, Opus Voice fix the problem.
    The quali of Opus Music is very good, but with this problem we cant use it!
    Server and Clients UpToDate!
    Plz help...

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    sorry for digging out this old thread, it was the first hit on google.

    i got the same issue, also only affecting a few people not all

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