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    ChannelGroup permissions to edit a channel's permissions


    I'm having some troubles with the permissions system ! I want to have a channelgroup which should be able to edit the permissions of their channel (the only thing I need is to allow them the edition of the needed join power).

    I have set "i_channel_permission_modify_power" to 50 for this channel group and the channel in which the user have the channel group has a "i_channel_needed_permission_modify_power" of 50 too so it should work, shouldn't it ?


    Edit : Just when I posted this topic I found how to solve it : You have to use the grant value on every single permission you want to give. This post helped me ->

    Now I have a new problem, I'll explain the context :

    I have a server on which each group of player can have a channel. Under some requirements they automatically get their own channel created and they are set in a channelgroup which give them some rights on this channel.

    I want to give them the ability to create sub-channels, and they should be able to edit these sub-channels permissions in order to change the needed-join-power permission, description, title etc. However, they should not be able to edit the main channel's needed-join-power, it should remain in the same state it was created.

    Any idea ?

    I may not be very clear, please ask me if you do not understand something and I'll reformulate or draw a diagram !
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    You can give them the b_channel_create_child permission in the channel group to allow them creating sub channels.
    Within that sub channel they will automatically get the "Default Channel Admin" group as specified in Edit Virtual server > More > misc and will have whatever permissions that group grants them.
    You can also set the default channel admin group to be the same as the default channel guest group in which case they will get the same group in their sub channel that they have in the parent channel.
    If whatever channel group they have in the sub channel allows them to edit the permissions then they can do it, but as long as they have a channel group in the parent channel that allows modifying the permissions of that channel they can also modify the permissions of the parent channel. You cannot change that.

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    In fact channel groups are custom made and already in use, so we can't use your solution with default channel admin behaviour, sorry

    Our server is linked with a game server and thanks to your API we give channel group related to their in game ranks to players. The point is that the parent channel is automatically created when someone create a faction, more or less. Then, this guy get a high channel group in order to maintain his faction's channels (all sub-channels nested in this main channel).

    We want those "faction leaders" to be able to create their own child channel with their own permission, mostly join power, because any player will get a channel group with a join power depending on it's rank in his faction. The idea is that leader can create channels on their own, eg with a high join power in order to let his co-leaders in while other members can't, or just a channel where only members can join, etc. We really strive to give them total control over their channel without letting them edit the parent.

    The only thing we want to avoid is that they put a join power need on their main channel or a password. This root channel has to be available for everyone.

    I hope you'll be able to come up with a neat idea to solve this

    As far as I'm concerned I thought about putting a very high grant value on the permissions of the main channel in order to disable them from editing it. Will the child channels inherits these grant values ?

    Thanks for your answer and your kind help anyway !

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    you can just have a channel_needed_permission_modify_power on the main channel to prevent them from editing permissions on the main channel.

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    It wouldn't be inherited to child channels ?

    Well I guess that would solve my problem, I'm going to try it out live and give you feedback, thanks !

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    No channel permissions are not inherited

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