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    Correct me if i'm wrong, but you are running the server and connecting to it on the same network? If this is the case you need the internal IP address ( or 168.192.0.xx). open command prompt on the computer running the server, then type 'ipconfig' without the ''. Look for the IPv4 address and use that ip address to connect. I hope this helps

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    ip address issues

    on my windows computer I run the teamspeak 3 server and client. (everything is windows based)
    my friend is able to use his computer (from his house) and using the teamspeak 3 client connect to my server.

    if I run my teamspeak client (on the same computer as the teamspeak server) and try to connect to the server (using i can connect just fine and we can hear each other.

    if I go to my teamspeak client bookmarks and tell the client to connect to my wan ip address. i can't connect.

    i've never had this problem before. I had everything running just fine yesterday. do to a technical issue I had to uninstall the server and client and do a reinstall (technical issue : i screwed up and lost the password to the server)

    what might be the problem on why i can connect with the local ip address of but not with the wan ip address, yet my friend is able to connect with my wan ip address?
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    Can't connect to local server with ip address

    i created windows server yesterday and already portforwarded as in this picture
    i can login to the server with localhost ip ( but when i try to login with router ip it keeps failing
    what may cause this issue?

    thank you
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    Разобрался, спасибо!
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    can someone help with loacl server

    so ive set up a server i think , i ported right but i can only connect if i put localhost in server if i try my IP it doesnt work , hes 2 pic can someone tell me if im ported right 1st time playing with port forwarding ,,
    PLEASE help the wife hates discord
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    Teamspeak Server Showing up in the Server list, but nobody is able to connect


    I'm running the latest teamspeak 3 server on ubuntu, i have done the port forwarding, and now i can go on my server by typing my server's local IP (i could do that without port forwarding). When i go on the server list and i select own country,city,etc. I can see the server, but when i try to connect on it, it just says "failed to connect to server". It might be that my ISP is blocking ports, but when i don't port forward the server, it is NOT on the server list, but when i do it IS. Please can someone help me.

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