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    Teamspeak Hotkeys And Autohotkey

    Faced with the multiple Gamcontroller problem/bug, I thought that mapping esoteric key-combinations (such as ctrl+alt+numpadPlus) as TS hotkeys and then mapping a joystick button via Autohotkey to that would circumnavigate that bug - but to no avail: Unlike any other programm/game on my computer TS ignores whatever Autohotkey sends (and no, it doesn't work with a simple key either).

    I searched the forum, found two older unanswered threads here and here.

    Any solution yet?

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    you may try the different hotkey detection systems available in settings > hotkeys (above the apply button). See if any of them work

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    Thanks for the speedy reply and sorry for my late response....

    No, none of the different systems make TS recognize what Autohotkey sends - nor the various send-methods of Autohotkey.

    However, the original cause for my efforts has been promised to be solved with the upcoming 3.0.11.

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    Can we finally get autohotkey working?

    Threads going back to 2011 on this issue. TS staff in the past replying with vague answers or not at all. It's the only program on my computer that doesn't accept input commands no matter what method I send them from AHK and no matter what key detection is enabled in AHK.

    So can a dev finally look into this so we can pass keys to TS? I'd like to set conditional situations where I mute/unmute, etc (ie. if certain games are running and ts is running then unmute ts when i press a certain key combo). I can set all the conditions with AHK, but I can't pass keys to TS.

    So really... why is this just ignored?
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    This issue is not ignored.
    We can not guarantee that they ever will work with our current system.

    Our hotkey system wasn't made for "software generated keys" like macros from mouse drivers or other software like AHK.
    We search for real hardware that is attached to the pc/laptop.
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    posting here in case it helps someone... I didn't have much luck with AHK commands like
    sendinput ^m
    however, I was able to get TS to recognize the sent keys by mimicing what a human would likely be doing.. the following sends a control-m

    sendinput {control down}
    sleep, 25
    sendinput {m down}
    sleep, 25
    sendinput {m up}
    sleep, 25
    sendinput {control up}

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