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Thread: Server restore?

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    Server restore?

    Our TS server recently had someone delete all channels, how do I go in and restore my TS server back to how it was before this happened? Please if you could spell it out here, so if other people have this problem they can easily find this.

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    Restore a backup you created before the incident happened.
    If you don't have one, recreate the channels manually.

    PS: Bumping is not allowed, your problem is no more important than those of anyone else. It will get answered whether it is on top or further down..

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    And if you could be kind enough, you you give me a simplified walk through, I'm not very familiar with TS

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    Restoring a Backup? Just copy the files from the backup back into their original place...

    Creating the channels manually? Right click the server name or any existing channel -> Create channel

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