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    Can i get npl on hamachi?

    Can i get npl license on hamachi?

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    June 2012
    here and there..

    Because, you need all these things.
    You MUST have a verifiable, operational website on a custom domain
    (eg - '').

    You MUST have an email address associated with your custom domain
    (eg - '[email protected]' -- personal email addresses as well as free email services such as gmail, yahoo, hotmail, etc, are no longer valid).

    You MUST provide a static IP address on which you intend to run your NPL-licensed server.

    If an NPL has already been issued on the IP address you supply, your application will be denied. You MUST host your NPL-licensed server on a unique IP address.

    When we verify your website, it CANNOT have any donation buttons or advertising of any kind.
    But 32 slots should be enough for a hamachi server


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