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    Can't Login to Server Query

    Hi there :),

    i need help with my Server Query Login. I can't login with serveradmin. I know the password and i changed it, too. Because I thought that i have a wrong password.

    I get this error =

    login serveradmin xxxxxxx
    error id=2568 msg=insufficient\sclient\spermissions failed_permid=14
    I tryed it form local with putty and over shh login and telnet from the dedicated server, but the same error. Tryed because i thought my local IP at home is not in the ip whitelist and will be blocked.

    But i get telnet login so a ip block can't it be.

    I don't know more to do, need your help :/. Thanks!

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    you removed the b_serverquery_login permission from the query groups, thus nobody can use the login command anymore and you screwed your server.
    You will have to start from scratch with a new database.

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    Thanks for the hint! The permission was removed from the guest querys, don't know why. Doesn't matter.

    Probelm resolved, thanks Chris!

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