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Thread: Server Crashing

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    Server Crashing


    I'm hosting my TeamSpeak 3 Server on a VPS Server with the following specs:

    CPU :1 Core
    Platform: OpenVZ
    Memory: 376MB
    Storage: 25GB
    Bandwidth: 6mbps / 1800GB

    I have only had like 30 people max on the server so far. I have a NPL on it, and the server is set for a max of 100 users. I have started it up like 3 times already, and it says it might have "crashed"... How do I check the logs of why it crashed if the server isn't up? or will the server have to be up and running before I can do that? Please advise!

    Much appreciated.

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    If you haven't changed the standard installation the log files are found in the logs/ sub-directory of your servers directory.
    There are at least a pair of logs for each server start. The _0.log for the main server instance and the _1.log for the first virtual server.
    Just check out what is inside those logs, it might give you a clue.

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