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    Administration and permissions preblems


    We have a server for our multigaming community (few teams) and right now we have a problem with all the groups system.

    Our plan was initially to create one channel for each team than create how many requested sub-channels. Unfortunately, we soon realized that the channel groups were not able to have the same permissions as server groups. For example, if a sub-channel, or even a channel, has a password, you must be a server admin to be able to join it without typing the password. Another example is that a channel admin can’t drag someone who’s in another channel like the ‘’Welcome channel’’. The easiest way would have been to simply assign server groups to a specific channel but read it’s not possible. I’m seriously wondering why. Anyone have a solution to my groups’ problems?

    I read the threads on the same subject but I wasn’t able to find a solution.

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    You can assign their channel group on their main channel. This group should be available then also in the sub channels. To avoid channel passwords, you can use the permission b_channel_join_ignore_password or simply don't use a channel password at all but the permissions i_channel_join_power and on the channel i_channel_needed_join_power. If they should be able to generally drag users from any channel, you can use the permission i_client_move_power on an extra server group. To avoid them dragging special users, you can give them a server group with permission i_client_needed_move_power and a higher value than on move power.

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    as Bloodsoul kind of mentioned, don't use passwords but i_channel_join_power on the channel group accompanied by an equal i_channel_needed_join_power on the channel.
    All you need to do is assign each member the channel group in all the channels (or parent channels anyway, they will automatically have the same group in all sub channels unless a different one has been given to them) to which they should've access to.
    As for dragging people around they need the required move power in both the source and the target channel to be able to move them.

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    We have set up our TS3 server with a specific channel where others can't see us. The problem that we have is when moving from channel to channel the chat windows shows our names and where we jump to. Is there a way to disable the events for a certain person or group in the chat windows?


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    You can do this in the clients settings, but its a client option, so others would see the messages (unless they deactivated it on their client).

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