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    Push to talk / voice activation issues

    When I'm connected to teamspeak and I use any app or website that plays sound or I use Siri, the push-to-talk button stops working. I fix the problem by switching to voice activation mode then back to push-to-talk. It's a big hassle, especially since the settings menu is cumbersome to access on the iphone.

    When I use voice activation mode the voice activation level indicator (green, yellow, red line) doesn't work 99% percent of the time. The only way I know it's picking up noise is when I talk my mic turns red. I've tried different head phones with built in mic and with out headphones and it has no affect on the indicator working or not.

    Iphone 5
    iOS 6.1.3
    Teamspeak 3 v3.1.2

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    I agree with the second part of this thread. The indicator disappears very often and when my iPhone4 is picking up sounds from when others are talking it's quite important to see where to put the level so it doesn't create an echo for everyone else just because I want it low so they can hear me too without PTT.

    And secondly, why does TS3 pick up sounds from when other are talking at all? It's really really hard to have voice activation mode on (which is quite essential for me). This means I have to put the level up higher so it doesn't pick up theirs, but then it's too high so it doesn't pick up my own voice when talking myself.
    Is this just something we have to deal with or can it be fixed?

    Best regards

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    Voice Activation doesn't work | iOS Bug


    on my iPhone 5 (iOS7) voice activation doesn't really work.
    If there's no noise, it doesn't record. But If there's any low noise (like breathing, tapping on table quietly...), it starts recording (icon turns red).
    Changing the voice activtion level doesn't work either. When tapping the mic icon, there is the level shown. But it#s already very high. After changing the level and tapping the mic icon again to close the settings, the level is reset. Opening the settings again shows the same activation level as in the beginning.

    Does anyone has a solution for this?



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    It's a known problem and a ticket for that already does exist.

    The slider shows a level, that isn't set. It's always around 85%.
    Your setting is uded in background.

    Open the VAD setting and move the slider to the left and then move it to a volume, that suit your requirements.
    Do not reopen the VAD setting again or you have to redo that again.
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