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    I forawded prots but it wont work

    I am trying to make a free TS3 server.

    I downlaoded the windows 64 bit server thing.

    Then i opened

    TCP 10011, 30033
    UDP 9987

    and i am sure they have to be open, i used the port ckecker from
    and it said all 3 of my ports are open.

    I create the server using local host.

    Then give others the ip address i get form TS server which is for me.

    But others cant connect.

    (there was once case a person manauged to join, no idea how, jsut as the person manauged to connect i reset my modem and router, soon as my net got back up, they tryed again and coulnt join again)

    I have no idea what to do, i have checked that my ports are open so many times that i know all the prots for TS3 byheart already.

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    Make sure the local ip in the port forwarding rules is correct and that your system that is running the TeamSpeak server still has that local ip. Also there might be software firewalls on the system and / or other security applications that block the connection.

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    I am having the same problem and I have even turned off my router firewall. Also I opened the ports on my computer's firewall.

    My virus protection does not have a firewall setting of its own.

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    There are many MANY threads on this issue. A quick forum search should provide you with a solution. is also a good resource.

    Some routers will require you to set up NAT to route traffic beyond just allowing it through the firewall. The above website should help you there as well.

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