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    TSDNS read error

    I've set up my TsDns settings file on my Linux machine, but the Tsdns program doesn't seem to read it, it keeps saying "number of entries: 0 normal and 0 wildcards"

    Setting file below

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    make sure the user running the tsdns server can read the file and it's owned by that user. Also make sure it's named correctly (tsdns_settings.ini) and placed in the same folder as the tsdns_server binary.

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    The file can be read and is owned by the correct user, the name is also correct and it is in the correct folder (Tsdns folder along with tsdnsserver_linux_amd64)

    Yet it still just says 0 entries

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    Try to recreate the file from scratch directly on the server. Maybe something went wrong during upload or you have mixed line endings in the file that confuse the parser.
    I just tried your entries and it worked just fine.

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    Same Here


    i have the same problem here i did everything but nothing happen it's just saying the same thing over and over

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