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    Solved Ubuntu 13.04 - no unity tray icon.

    Ubuntu 13.04 have forced blocked tray.

    Can you repair you tray for Ubuntu??.

    TS3 = No tray icon at Ubuntu ( Unity)

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    It works fine with earlier versions of ubuntu, so not sure whether we need to or even can do anything here. We will have to look into that.

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    There were several changes in unity which causes the systray icons to break.
    However with the help of the sni-qt plugin, all Qt applications that have tray icons are automatically converted to the AppIndicator system. With TeamSpeak using Qt and Qt already being installed by default in Ubuntu 13.04 all you have to do is exit the client and then remove the qt.conf file from the TeamSpeak client directory and then start the client directly (without using the startscript). That will cause the client to use the system provided Qt Libs, which include the sni-qt plugin, which in turn will restore the tray icon.

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