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    G keys(510 and 600 mouse) quit working

    After installing TS3 I have been having instances where the G keys on my G510 keyboard will quit working, and the G600 mouse is reduced to functioning as a regular laser mouse. This can go on for several minutes, and causes trouble while gaming as it gives no warning. Have checked drivers and logitech gaming software to make sure it's up to date. Windows 7, 64 bit. Logitech gaming software 8.45.88. TS#, Qt ver. 4.8.3

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    SO far so good, it seems that I might have figured out a fix. Rather than plugging the keyboard into the two USB ports that typically are used for keyboard and mouse I moved the keyboard to another port that has a little more bandwidth. Also I attempted a firmware update(even though logitech software states that it isn't supported) and set the profile in the logitech software as persistent. Haven't been able to verify if the firmware update went through, not sure if the reported numbers from the logitech software is correct. But switching to a higher bandwidth USB port and setting profile as persistent seems to have fixed it for now most likely. I will be testing more to be sure if it is a valid fix or not. Thank you all who took the time to read this thread.

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    If I had to guess, setting the profile to persistant actually caused it to be stored on the mouse and thus, whatever interference was happening before is no longer happening.

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