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    Can't Unban a User

    I went onto the TS server that one of my friends is hosting with my computer. I saw that there was an update for the Android app and when I downloaded it, I logged onto the server with that and it created feedback. The admin banned the account because of the noise, and now that he knows what happened, he can't unban me. He went into the list for the banned people and removed the tag that my tablet went onto with and that didn't work. I tried logging back on with my computer and it says I'm banned for the same reason. He looked for my IP and we cannot find it. I did a bit of research and couldn't find anything that helped us. Does anyone have any suggestions?

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    Is the ban still visible in the ban list. If not, it could be a database issue. Your server admin would have to be on here to really get anything done. Most often when this happens it's because the admin wants to keep you banned and is just saying that it's a teamspeak issue.

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