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    Question Improve chat - Increase max message length and allow [img] BB code

    I've been developing an advanced server query bot that greatly helps clan administration, scheduling, game data collection and displaying, and strategic planning. It is almost powerful enough to replace the need for a clan website, but since all interaction is done through chat, it is severely limited due to teamspeak's basic chat system.

    I like teamspeak and would prefer not to have to switch to different voice communication software, but in order for the bot to be able to realize it's potential (as well as get teamspeak's features on par with your competitors), chat needs improved in 2 ways:

    First the limit of 1024 bytes per chat message needs to be removed or drastically increased. When displaying data and using BB code to format the different elements and have working URLs, there's only 2-3 lines of text before the 1024 byte limit is reached. Having to break the data up into many messages makes it ugly and hard to read.

    Second, [img] BB code needs to function properly for chat. There's no need for the ability to upload a new image to be used in a chat message, just need an existing image accessible via a URL to be rendered properly in chat (similar to how you already have it working for channel descriptions). Even if you imposed a limit to the size of the image being displayed to 16x16 (so that the size of each line of text won't increase), it would greatly improve chat's functionality for everyone since it would allow custom smiley's without everyone seeing the smiley needing the same smiley pack installed.

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    Are you writing your entire text like this?

    As far as images in the chat are concerned, this was requested before and rejected.

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    A typical data display/report usually contains 3-4 color changes per line to be able to locate specific data easily at a glance, but the biggest 'invisible' byte consumption is URLs (since images aren't allowed it's common to need to use a link to one, for example [ url=]Map[ /url] consumes almost 100 bytes for 3 visible characters). Using string formatting to display data sets grid-style (so all columns are lined up) would be wonderful, but doing so can make more then 1/2 the bytes used per message white space. Also, since images aren't allowed, it's nice that teamspeak's chat allows special characters and symbols, unfortunately those characters often use multiple bytes per character. So when a data display uses 3-4 colors, 2-3 urls, and several special characters per line (like the clan's upcoming battle schedule for example), I'm lucky if it can display more then 2 lines before it has to break it up.

    Another reason to increase message size is because players in most games like posting match results after a good game, or battle commanders like posting a match results from clan battles for the people who didn't play in the match, but 1024 bytes often isn't enough. Which forces them to first paste the results into a text editor and break it up themselves.

    Channel description's have a max byte length of 8192. Why is there such a big limitation on chat? If chat is improved, teamspeak goes from being just a tool for voice communication to having the potential of being an entire clan management and administration system.

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