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    Server Chat & File Transfer Questions

    I have a server rented under TypeFrag and I would like to change a permission. I am the server owner so all settings are mine to change.

    1. RESOLVED This server is private, for use with only my friends and I, and even though we use multiple channels, I would like to enable everybody to speak in server chat, so that everybody sees it no matter what channel any of us are in. I have the privilege key enabled for only myself so only I am able to speak in Server Chat, how can I change this and allow others to speak in it? RESOLVED

    2. File Transfer straight-up is not working. I can not enable it in permissions settings for any server group and/or channel group, and I am met with a message saying that "Not all permissions could be applied". I want to enable everybody in the server to be able to upload/download/manage all files in the file transfer. How can I resolve this issue?
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    It could be that you are not allowed to modify the file transfer settings because your hoster doesn't allow file transfer. Check back with your hoster to see whether or not you are allowed to use the file transfer.

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