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    Audio corruption

    Whenever I connect to a channel I lose stereo sound to everything. If i am listening to music boom goes to mono in game etc. all goes mono. I get sound in both speakers but it is a mono sound stereo goes out the window. I am using a Bluetooth headset Motorola HT820 on an Asus P9x79 Motherboard and I don't have any problems at any other time with any other application. My sound is always awesome until I connect on TS and it is driving me insane, does anyone have any suggestions?

    I have tried all kinds of settings both for the computer sound turning on and off the feature for allowing apps to take exclusive mode, and many setting in TS but it hasn't helped.

    I am an IT guy and have been building my own PC and fixing my issues for years with very little outside help but this one has me so I search and searched and now I am posting.

    Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. TIA

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    Bump!!! are there no interested parties?

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    might be a driver issue, TeamSpeak doesn't modify audio devices or their settings.
    We couldn't reproduce this either, all sound continues to stay as it was before TeamSpeak was launched.

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