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    headset deactivated after 1 minute connected

    I run an iMac with MacOS X 10.8.3, TS, and for some time now a logitec USB headset with microphone.
    Everything worked fine, since today, the headset seems deactivated after 1 minute.
    If I go to Prefs, the headset is shown in Playback and capture, but neither speakers nor microphone work.
    If I do Play test Sound, I hear nothing, if I test capture sound, the sound bar is reacting (although my friends don't hear me).
    If I change Prefs to default system (internal speakers and micro), I have sound and micro.
    If I physically deconnect/reconnect the headset, it works again for 1 minute. And then no sound, no micro.
    So I thought of a problem with headset. I purchased another USB headset, and the same happens, nothing after 1 minute.
    So I changed the usb port, and always the same.
    I reinstalled TS3, nothing better.

    Can anybody help me, I'm out of clues.

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    Hello again,
    I found out that the headset sound is also cut with every app on the iMac.
    So I rebooted the system, and problem solved.

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