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    Lightbulb Trying to improve the PING's for other users

    Hello all,

    Im running my own TS 3 server, version:, and im trying to give people better pings.

    The codecs are Speex ultra wideband, 6, 4,93KB
    And its running on a connection 60mb Down, 6 Up, wich is the status of my modem itself so thats what comes in that.

    Now i am located in The Netherlands, and people ;
    from Norway have a ping 80-95. =/- 34.3
    from UK have a ping 60-70 +/- 22.1
    from The Netherlands have a ping 45 +/- 21.6

    The server itself has a average ping of 43-50, with a packet loss between 0 and 0.1

    No firewall @ the server.

    Windows on the server itself is configured correctly but i dunno about the modem..
    I have these options:

    WAN Blocking Enabled
    ICMP Blocking Enabled
    Ipsec PassThrough Enabled
    PPTP PassThrough Enabled
    Multicast Enable Enabled
    UPnP Enable Enabled
    NAT ALG Status
    RSVP Enabled
    FTP Enabled
    TFTP Enabled
    Kerb88 Enabled
    NetBios Enabled
    IKE Enabled
    RTSP Enabled
    Kerb1293 Enabled
    H225 Enabled
    PPTP Enabled
    MSN Enabled
    SIP Enabled
    ICQ Enabled
    IRC666x Enabled
    ICQTalk Enabled
    Net2Phone Enabled
    IRC7000 Enabled
    IRC8000 Enabled
    More settings:

    DDNS Service: Disabled
    Block Fragmented IP Packets Disabled
    Port Scan Detection Enabled
    IP Flood Detection Disabled
    SNTP Disabled

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    I think your surface-deep problem is the 6mb up. For server usage, most of your network traffic will be on the upload. VoIP is a little different but still needs decent upload.

    Biggest question though: What's the quality of your line? You can run this test to get a general idea. Depending on your ISP, you may also not be getting what you're paying for. Also run this test. Post the image results to the forum.

    You're also running a Windows server which is also problematic.

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    Thanks for your reply,

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	80989304.png 
Views:	82 
Size:	18.9 KB 
ID:	8188

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	2690878016.png 
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Size:	31.7 KB 
ID:	8189

    Also, u said Windows server isnt that good, meaning i should switch my version to linux/ubuntu or something like that?

    Test are made when there where 17 people active on the server, guess that lowers the number a little bit
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